Of Beautiful Pictures & Of Bypass Surgery

I love photography. Together with medicine, I think they are coffee and cream, a delicious complement to each other. It is that added dimension to the usual three.

I have a strong suspicion that IT truly IS THE secret. It could be that ingredient to falling in love. (Or maybe just falling as you were not paying attention ‘coz your eyes and hands were full with the camera, steth, books and all…) And I was told there is actually a fifth dimension to date. But that is another story. Okay, okay, argue with me. Just bring coffee.


This photograph links to

The New York Times’

Emile Wamsteker’s

Picture Slideshow on Bypass Surgery.

And there is even more story here.

The sun is up and smiling today, the outside and my questions book await…:-)


~ by Karina Descartin on 15 March 2007.

3 Responses to “Of Beautiful Pictures & Of Bypass Surgery”

  1. I like taking pictures as well. but as Im still a student, having a good camera phone is fine with me. I like the picture you have in timeless bloulevard, about your med books. I really love black and white pictures.

    well, hope you enjoy 300! grabe galing po yun promise!

  2. mam if you have the time, check out my multiply account (manins.multipy.com) for ‘ELBI SHOTS’. There’s a link in my exits. there not very good but i hope you’ll like them hehe.

  3. I will. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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