The Secretary

I am far away. Yet I smell it. The chauvinists and the egotists, many of them actually play a part in influencing the present of Philippine society, continue to spread its plague.

Raul Gonzalez, the Philippine Secretary of Justice, has opened his venomous mouth again. Well, that is his right. But I specifically do not agree with Ramon Tulfos likening him to the late Claro M. Recto. Raul Gonzalez is just a male chauvinist in my book. In the interviews that I have caught on television where he had to speak supposedly as an honorable representative of the Justice Department, instead he made these biased comments regarding an alleged rape victim on attracting this horrible incident upon herself. Well, not in those exact words really, he insinuated that a good woman should not have been in a place that’s not for her. But this is another story. And there is that incident about him calling the United Nations Special Rapporteur Phillip Alston a muchacho (which has a twisted meaning in the Philippine language), when the latter suggested the release of Crispin Beltran, who was arrested on charges of rebellion by this administration. His arrest is more politically motivated than anything else. Mr. Beltran claims he was arrested in his home without warrant. While the rest of the world evolved and on to 2.0s, all this government did was to hound its supposed enemies and lock them up — not to mention reduce the education budget down to oblivion. Again, this is another story.

Here is Patricia Evagelista’s Payback in Rebel Without A Clue. This is the very reason for today’s post. This time, Raul Gonzalez mentions that U.P. graduates are “destabilizers” and that of course he is not from UP. Well, I am so glad he is not. Because this esteemed institution could not possibly be breeding minds who are so trapped in their own bias and humongous egos. People can in fact think. And they do. And you ought to start doing so too. For you have serious issues , Mr. Gonzalez. Especially with your views on the rights of the people you are supposed to serve.

Ms. Evangelista’s article says it all.


~ by Karina Descartin on 10 May 2007.

3 Responses to “The Secretary”

  1. Mr. Gonzales is one reason why I’m NOT proud to be a Tomasino….

    Ultimately, siya ang magpapasimuno sa pagbabagsak sa palpak ng gobyerno ni GMA…she doesn’t need enemies like Erap and his supporters

  2. I dislike raul gonzales to the point of chewing and spitting him out into an open fire. he even offered a 10,000 reward for any barangay captain whose barangay would result to a 12-0, in favor of team unity. is this how a justice secretary should act and talk, like his some kind of a tactless drunk? and he says his unpopular because he makes unpopular decisions?! that crap! he’s unpopular because his evil! magsama sila ng amo niyang unano!

    and yes, i love it that hes not from UP. he even says that he attributes the fact that hes very behaved because he did not come from UP. well, good riddance. as if we we’re dying for him to be an alumnus. kung saan-saan lang naman kasi sya nagtapos ng college siguro kaya insecure lang sya sa ‘tin!

  3. (Sigh!)

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