My Being On A Journey

Constantly, as I try to write my thoughts in here, I remind myself to keep it real. Stay real. It seems this specific intention is there and will always be but often at the end of a posting, I would always say, I veered quite far from me again. I keep ending up posting about a review book or some medical stuff that is fun to share for me. Then I think to myself, this blog is not supposed to be just about medical breakthroughs but an account of my journey in life and medicine together. I feel though that I haven’t quite done just that thus far.  I haven’t written enough about my experience as I go through moving from one country to another, taking one licensure examinations after another and more examinations…then again, perhaps this is telling it…this is telling about the seemingly slow slow journey that I am in right now…


~ by Karina Descartin on 11 May 2007.

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