Then There Is Eva And Juan

One of the most wonderful thing in the evolutionary process is its endless consequent potential to create, develop, and learn…and learn. Here are two important voices of our time. Products of this so called potential. And they have something to share on cancer, stem cells, genomics, and our most important future.

Eva Vertes is a microbiology prodigy. Her discovery, at age 17, of a compound that stops fruit-fly brain cells from dying was regarded as a step toward curing Alzheimer’s. Now she aims to find better ways to treat — and avoid — cancer.”

My Dream About The Future Of Medicine: Eva’s Talk on T.E.D.


[to view video, click on the photo]

Juan Enriquez is an authority on the economic and political impact of science. In his 2001 best-seller As the Future Catches You, he examines the profound changes that genomics and other life sciences will cause in business, technology, politics and society.

Decoding The Future With Genomics: Juan’s Talk on T.E.D.


[to view video, click on the photo]


~ by Karina Descartin on 2 June 2007.

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