Carnival 3 on 2.0


Dr. Uri Ginzburg of Medical 2.0 hosts this Sunday’s Medicine 2.0 Blog Carnival. The Story Of Healing’s Paraskavedekatriaphobia was mentioned.

Thanks, Uri!

And thanks to Berci Mesko of Scienceroll for his efforts in initiating this carnival of interesting information!


~ by Karina Descartin on 15 July 2007.

3 Responses to “Carnival 3 on 2.0”

  1. Hi Karina!!
    Are you still in Houston? I’m going to be there on Friday and Saturday (July 20). I leave Saturday evening. But if you’d like to get together for lunch or something, that would be fun!!

  2. Hi Junj!

    I left a response in your yahoo IM. See you Saturday then!

  3. Sure! You can include me anytime!

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