This Artist’s Canvass & Some Of My Blahs

Thank you, Odette & Yuneeks for sharing this video. Thank you Joey Velasco for doing what you do.

We all have a part. And it is very easy to forget. I hope the good collective intents and doings will have more and more tangible effects. The artist has done a very good service in letting the rest know what exists.

Jose’ Rizal has always been right about bettering EDUCATION. With better education (and I mean real education and not just rote ABCs minus the practicality), people can think more, and can understand complexities of life more like the merits of planning and knowing when to have children or not. Procreation is a basic instinct. It is primeval conduct. And personal evolution, seeing beyond and living beyond instincts, can be achieved with better education — better thought process, better judgments on consequent actions and habits. But the problem with many developing countries is this — yearly the education budget is just bullied around to adjust to the country’s budget deficit. It’s a sad sad realization. And it is nerve wrecking as we all know or must know that bettering the education of a country’s people, will be key in moving them to be dynamic and thus, achieve a better level in and quality of life. A better education will fuel minds, fuel imaginations, provide a vessel for dreams and not be content with the lack around them, make people braver to tread on and carry their feet to find their good life and good purpose. This has been the voice and the cry of many many advocating Filipinos (both local and international based) but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Or perhaps, the powers that be wish for the status quo as it perpetuates their power all the more if they continue governing mostly ignorant people, children who will be subject to anything just to survive. That or they themselves do not have the foresight or the heart to pave the way for those who need it most. Thus, creating this disturbing imbalance in the share of the light. Certain parts of the country is the picture that you see here and in certain parts you see a totally opposite site–one of progress, one of wonderful intellectual pursuits and artistic explorations such as this artist’s, etc. But why are other parts of town this way?

One can have feeding/food drives to these areas, give them food and afterwards what? I recognize that these efforts are with the most heartfelt of gestures and this step could go a long way. However, after this and beyond this is the fact and an age old wisdom that one must know how to fish and not just be given fish. And if they do know how to fish, where shall they fish? What surrounds them? What have they awoken themselves into? They are still stuck where they are, as the video says, “waiting or hoping for a miracle.” But the indiscriminate bearing of children is a consequence of perpetual ignorance and lack of better education. It is an abuse to oneself and to one’s offsprings to present themselves with nothing, not even food. But this should not have been had society been more effective in providing its people their basic right to education and eventually personal development. This should not have been if society provided a balance in the tools that they make available to the people–in which the most important tool of all is education. Better access to improved quality education and learning facilities. The private education providers and recipients are doing a better job but of course they come with a cost. So what about the chunk of the population who cannot come up with this cost to say the least?

It would be a vicious cycle. God forbid. As more and more people become or continue to be in this dark state. Without imagination. Without a clue as to the beyond that is very possible for him/her, he/she will continue to compose an electorate that will continue to put to office people who have no vision but a short sight to fulfill an ambition. As people who do not care about bettering the education continue to sit in office, more and more like him/her will continue to be in office because the people they serve who are deprived of this better education will not know better but elect those who make him/her believe that they could provide for his/her family’s needs by singing nauseating campaign promises.

My sentiment has never been unique. It is shared by so many. One can start with the blogs and continue on. F. Sionil Jose has time and again talked about this scenario in his books. Jose Rizal should be read and re read for he too has been lamenting about this. And many more.

I remain with hope however to this day all though a bit skeptical about how these budgets trickle in practice. Though no pauses in continuing to hope that our widening awareness shall stir us into advocating the value of education and to put effort in providing more awareness around us. Beyond borders, beyond political territories. Education is for humanity. Education should always be part of the rights of an individual not dumped into the comforts of privilege. I dream that soon (and really soon before it is too late) could be a start of a better education, eventual personal evolution, collective evolution…ad infinitum.



~ by Karina Descartin on 20 August 2007.

5 Responses to “This Artist’s Canvass & Some Of My Blahs”

  1. I have been so far removed from this horror since I have not been in the ocuntry for so long. However, I know that the only way we can help these folks is to teach them how to make a decent living. Teach them a skill, give them start up capital thru banks. I have heard of this being done, I believe in India where the poor women with no skills are taught a skill, given a small loan to start up their own business and its a win win for everyone. They need help to better themselves….they don’t need handouts like you said. Giving them food and clothing will not stop this insane conditions they have to live with. Start coops and have some good humanistic business owners partner with them and bring their goods to the world. Unless honest humanistic politicians are elected, ordinary people need to come together and create a partnership with established business in the country
    to help these people develop a skill to make decent living and lift them out of pverty. I for one am truly guilty….I talk but don’t even know where to begin….how to extend the help except send some healing energy down that way….Check out Ho’oponopono….This may help if done on a regular basis…Four words focused to that part of the country….

  2. Thank you so much for the video clip…… It’s depressing that millions are suffering and are in poverty yet we never care. Keep up the campaign!

  3. Thanks, O & K for dropping by and for your comments. God bless.

  4. just seen the video, this is very inspiring.. thank you so much for the wake up call.. i realized that im not playing my part here and i have to do something about it

  5. Thanks for dropping by Veronica. Go for it! 🙂

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