Sigh…The (Resident) Hours

clock.jpgHere’s another sensible thought from one of my favorite blogs on those peculiar hours that training requires…

Why Don’t We Starve Them Too?

As my regular readers know, I am opposed to the use of sleep deprivation asfood.jpg an educational tool during residency training. The fact that residents are deprived of sleep as a requirement of their job is undeniable especially given the typical call schedules and the obvious fact that work never stops in the 24-hour-per-day patient processing facilities that most teaching hospitals have become. And yet despite my objections I have never made much of an argument against this practice, at least in terms to which the usual advocates of resident abuse will pay attention, because my distaste is more visceral than intellectual. People do need sleep after all. It’s a biological requirement and I have never felt it necessary to explicitly justify why we need sleep any more than I feel it necessary to explain why we need food and water. We just do. [Read full post here.]

Thanks, Panda Bear, M.D.!


~ by Karina Descartin on 26 August 2007.

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