Grand Rounds 4.22 is now up at Scienceroll!

gr422.jpg For the general reader:

What are Grand Rounds?

…are a ritual of medical education, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient to an audience consisting of doctors, residents, and medical students. The patient is usually present for the presentation and may answer questions. Grand rounds have evolved considerably over the years, with most current sessions rarely having a patient present and being more akin to lectures.

In the medical blogosphere, the tradition of Grand Rounds continues. The virtual Grand Rounds were brilliantly founded by Nicholas Genes in 2004. This “weekly compilation of the best medical blogs” is “hosted by a different blogger each week.” The first Grand Rounds subsequently debuted at his medical blog, Blogborygmi.

Today, Grand Rounds Volume 4 No. 22 is up. This week’s showcase of the best of the medical blogosphere is hosted by Berci Mesko at Scienceroll. It wonderfully highlights The Future of Medicine!

The number of submissions, the learning value, and the diverse content are truly worth the while. It shows the many many interests and issues of medicine. Truly a ton of somethings for the curious or the voracious.

The Story of Healing’s post, Media In Medicine: More Than Mending The Broken, is featured as one of the editor’s choices.


~ by Karina Descartin on 26 February 2008.

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