Upcoming Conferences: International Medicine and Medicine 2.0

Wonderful news! Two of my favorite topics and explorations, International Medicine and Medicine 2.0 are currently accepting registrations for their respective conferences.
On May 30th to 31st 2008, the Institute for International Medicine would be hosting the 3rd Exploring Medical Missions Conference at the University Center on the Main Campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO.

Most health professionals contemplate international service and are inspired by the prospects. Yet few are confident about where to begin.

Medical missions are closest to the heart for me, be it rural areas or urban neighborhoods. The human experience is just invaluable. The strength and insight one can gain from various medical missions experiences will be truly the most treasured learnings in the practice of medicine. This endeavor addresses many dimensions of our lives—personal, the society that we see and observe, the people we visit with—those we touch, those who touch us, those we work with, and many many others whom we are blessed to meet along the way.
On September 4th till 5th 2008, the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the International Medical Informatics Association, the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation, CHIRAD, and other organizations will be sponsoring the Medicine 2.0 Conference: Web 2.0 in Health and Medicine at the MaRs Center in Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
For those who are curious or currently exploring and enjoying the possibilities of Medicine 2.0, this conference is going to be very interesting, if not exciting.

Who should attend?

    * Academics (health professionals, social scientists, computer scientists, engineers)

    * Software and Web 2.0 application developers

    * Consultants, vendors, venture capitalists, business leaders, CIOs

    * End-users (health professionals, consumers, payors)

 You may go to the above websites for more conference details.


~ by Karina Descartin on 17 March 2008.

2 Responses to “Upcoming Conferences: International Medicine and Medicine 2.0”

  1. […] little over a year ago in May, I flew to the beautiful Kansas City, Missouri to attend INMED’s International […]

  2. Thank you for listing the Exploring Medical Missions Conference on your blog. Would you be willing to update the conference information to the 2013 info I listed below?

    Exploring Medical Missions Conference:: “The Road Less Traveled.”
    Kansas City, MO
    May 31- June 1, 2013

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