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Karina is a medical doctor, experimental filmmaker, photographer, traveler, medical missionary, educator, researcher, and generalist-geek born and educated in the Philippines, now living in Houston, Texas.

She enjoys books, cinema, mountain biking, fishing, and foil fencing. Her curiosities include Aikido, Kundalini yoga, and Eastern and Christian meditation practice. She explores her passions and many interests in her posts—international medicine, technology, medicine 2.0, diplomacy, heritage, learning, practice development, proactive prevention, and global health. She also has continued learning interests in preventive medicine, aerospace medicine, age management medicine, genomics, neurology, human nutrition, “exercise as prescription,” and health informatics. She is inspired by the works of Larry Brilliant, Michael Crichton, Paulo Coelho, Bowen White, and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran.

She co-founded MadHut Associates, a research and consulting group exploring the intersect between evolving internet technology, health, and medicine. She is also an associate for International Medicine and Public Health at Medworm, a medical RSS feed provider and search engine based in the U.K. and a volunteer editor at MedPedia, a project that aims to build the world’s most comprehensive encyclopedia for information about health, medicine and the body. She is an international volunteer physician with Health Teams International (China 2010, Haiti 2011 [hopefully!]) and  institute physician for practice development at Cenegenics Medical Institute.

Dedicated to diverse, multifaceted, and creative learning, she completed various elective studies including Dr. Patch Adams’ Humanistic Medicine under multi-specialty mentors of the John M. Stang Memorial Medical Elective program at Gesundheit! Institute in Hillsboro, WV,         Developments in Bioengineering Technology, Ethics, and Law, Cutting Edge Developments at the Texas Heart Institute and Baylor College of Medicine, and  Documentary Filmmaking at Rice University Continuing Studies in Houston, TX,     Practice Development Training under Dr. Michael Resnick at Cenegenics Medical Institute, Las Vegas, NV,    workshops on International Medicine: Launching into Medical Missions at the University of Missouri Kansas City under the Institute for International Medicine in Kansas City, MO, and a research rotation in Aerospace Medicine under Dr. Sharmi Watkins at  Wyle Space Medicine / NASA – Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

She also completed Physician Clinical Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine  jointly sponsored by the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation and Foundation for Care Management in Las Vegas, NV.

She is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, Toastmasters International (Mindspeak Houston), Asian Chamber of Commerce Houston as well as the Philippine Medical Association.

She lives with her husband, Gerry. Together, they like to experiment with food and pretend they are chefs, bike, take walks with Giles (their recently adopted furry little charmer), shoot pictures, learn how to dance, and watch marathons of their favorite shows — especially when they are not out crazily airport hopping. They both completed their first bike marathon at the 2010 Tour de Houston and have since enjoyed many many more all around Texas. They also both recently discovered the joy of fishing— they want to do more (and actually catch some :-))! Also recently, Karina completed her first duathlon at the 2011 Blue Norther’ Duathlon in Seguin, where she placed third in the female “fat tire” division.

She still listens to U2, loves a good cup of coffee, thinks BISUG are the greatest, and will forever be fascinated by Albert Einstein‘s luxuriant hair.

She welcomes you to some of her journeys in life and medicine.

Please proceed with a smile…

She may be reached at: storyofhealing (at) gmail (dot) com.

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3 Responses to “About The Author”

  1. I enjoyed the slide show by B Mesko and reading your life story. Congratulations on your efforts to become certified in the US. eMedicine will become more and more important to healthcare although it will take time for us older physicians to catch up with the technology. So much of medical care is and will change as biomedical science advances [eg, genomics, stem cells, vaccines, transplantation] but especially as engineering and computer science advances bring us now technologies [imaging, medical devices, OR technologies, digital medical information]. You and your co-bloggers might find my book “The Future of Medicine – Megatrends in Healthcare” of interest for a glimpse of medical care five to fifteen years out. Look for excepts and weekly podcasts at http://www.medicalmegatrends.com

  2. Thank you, Dr. Schimpff, for coming by today and for sharing your book. I will share this very interesting resource to many. You are right, medicine is definitely evolving fast before us.

    Thanks for the wishes and encouragement. Congratulations as well!

  3. I am Rolly Malig from Las Vegas and I would like to get in touch with Dra. Karina Descartin if possible to discuss this Medical Tourism project I managed to developed where I incorporated retirement and assisted living in the Philippines. I would like to discuss with her the possibiity of writing and producing health care magazine for our project. She can reach me thru my email address rpm@medicaltourexperts.com or my cell (702) 480-7498.



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