Disclosure and Disclaimer

Disclosure and Notes:

I am a medical doctor (M.D.) with an undergraduate (B.S.) in Public Health, Post Graduate rotating medical internship, work, and studies, a Medical Board License (Philippines)  in General Medicine, and a Certification (U.S.) in Preventive and Age Management Medicine.

One of my goals in medicine is to be part of a collective of health educators and practitioners all over the world with like minds about being open to new models and paradigms of care delivery. My big hope is that we all become more aware of the oft-understated importance of the healthier choices we can make everyday with regards to our food and our physical activities—being the core action we can take for ourselves towards leading healthier lives.

I share in the belief that medical doctors should at one end be advocates for cure and at the other end be advocates of prevention. While we push to continue to develop further the ever-important curative aspects of care that have saved many many lives, it is time that we also encourage practical attention towards the preventive aspects of care as general empowerment of individuals.

I have recently (as of April 2010) taken a path where my sole focus is on patient education and communication about specific proactive approaches to help individuals achieve their optimum health goals. I am thankful to have found such a cutting-edge venue for my purpose and for being invited to be a part of a very modern preventive medicine institution.

Disclaimer and Writing Interests:

I am the author of this blog.

The contents in this site are not medical advice. It should not replace seeing a medical doctor. If you have questions about your own health or medical condition, please see your physician or go to an emergency service facility.

The aim of this blog is to communicate about developments in medicine and share other bits of life and learning in an open fashion. It hopes to break free from confining ideas about learning, education, and achievement. It hopes to explore open ways of learning and it recognizes that the important point of medicine is that it involves lives. And lives have stories. It involves creativity, which in my viewpoint is how one can truly live a life. It reflects my own opinions and curiosities.

It hopes to spark interest and collaboration among various individuals, thoughts and disciplines in relation to healing. It shall continue to explore, learn, and expand the use of technology in relation to learning, practicing, and communicating medicine. It will always try to advocate for the message of healing to get across and understood in many respects—needless to say, adhering to the belief that physicians, patients, technologists, health care professionals, and support staff must work together and maintain open communication to be effectual in their aim to heal. It hopes to be responsible in managing information posted. It seeks to constantly improve and grow positively. It does not speak for any of the institutions I have attended or worked for at one point or another. And lastly, it is just my bit of expression, my humble voice in sharing some of my journey in life and my enthusiastic portion in medicine.

This blog relates to the general audience.

You may reach me at storyofhealing (at) gmail (dot) com for your opinions, statements, recommendations, and questions about the postings. Professional/peer review about the content in this blog is welcomed and appreciated.

Emails and personal information will never be disclosed to third parties.

This blog is not funded by advertising nor by any commercial entities.

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